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King Arthur

King Arthur Slot Game

The legendary story of King Arthur, the man who introduced the idea of equality to the kingdom of Camelot, is one that is known throughout the world. Multiple movies have been made of the story, countless theatrical productions, numerous books, and now a slot game.

The King Arthur slot game does a good job in using the various elements of the legend to tell an interesting story. Of course, being a slot game there is no solid narrative to speak of, and the story is one the player must make for themselves. As far as slot games go, however, King Arthur stands apart for its outstanding representation of a known legend.

Art And Sound

The art style of the game is very firmly based in the medieval era, with images resembling the artistic style of many centuries ago. It is a convincing effort from the developers, and the player will quickly feel as if they have stepped into a time machine. Many of the symbols animate upon being matched, which is also a nice touch.

Where the game struggles a bit, however, is in the sound design. It seems that effort has been put into making the player feel as if they are sitting in a real casino, with an ambient track that rattles and chatters with ambient noise. It is effective, but the grating repetition of the track quickly becomes annoying. It would perhaps have been better to focus on ambient sounds of a medieval nature, which would have fitted the game a great deal better.

Symbol Values

There are many iconic symbols in the King Arthur game, including the Holy Grail, Excalibur, Merlin the Wizard, and King Arthur himself. As is expected, King Arthur is the most valuable symbol in the game. Matching him 5 times will result in an enormous payout. Interestingly, the King Arthur symbol also doubles as a wild symbol, allowing him to match with any other symbol. This makes King Arthur a friend everyone will want when visiting Camelot in slot game form.

The next most valuable symbol is the wizard Merlin. He is not as valuable as Arthur, but will still provide exceptional payouts. He also doubles as a wild, making the game unique in having two completely different wild symbols. The two wild will not mach with one another, but only with other symbols.


Matching Camelot on the reels will start the quest mini-game. The game involves having the player direct King Arthur to the castle, whereby he may enter via any of the doors. Each door holds a certain value that will be awarded if Arthur arrives at this particular destination. In order to guide Arthur, the player must select which path he should take. Be aware, however, that the last split in the road is random, and may result in Arthur entering a door with zero value if the player is not careful. It is a unique game with a certain level of strategy involved, which makes it an interesting treat in the slot game world.


Kathmandu Slot Game

There are a few locations in the world that hold a sense of intrigue and mystery, beckoning visitors with their promise of exotic locations and breathtaking beauty. Tibet is one of these locations, and Kathmandu, the capital, is a legendary tourist destination. Famed for being almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, with mountains towering up on all sides, Kathmandu has a rich culture that is both interesting and enticing. Of course, not everyone can travel to such exotic destinations in person. But they can visit via the Kathmandu slot game.

The Kathmandu slot game aims to capture everything that makes the real world location such a favourite for adventurous tourists. The curious architecture is recreated beautifully, and the unique art style compliments the warm colours that exist in that part of the world. All in all, the Kathmandu slot game is a treat for the eyes. But, of course, slot games are not all just about being pretty to look out. Let’s explore the Kathmandu slot game more closely in terms of play mechanics.

Game Play

The Kathmandu slot game focuses on simple, streamlined play. Using a 5 reel play system, there are only 9 betting lines. The betting lines are, however, manually adjustable, which means that strategic play is a possibility. The less betting lines mean that wins are less frequent, but are also a great deal more valuable. Skilled players will lower betting lines for low payout periods, and raise them again in anticipation of big wins. It’s a fun, thrilling system that offers much in the way of big payout opportunities.

The bonus system is also interesting, activated by matching the bell symbol at least 3 times. 15 free spins are granted, during with the prayer wheel symbol and building symbol become wilds. The free spins are always highly lucrative, and have the chance to be reactivated if matching the bell symbols again. It is not the most unique or imaginative bonus system, but certainly one that can put smiles on faces with big cash payouts.

Symbol Designs

It has already been said that Kathmandu is a beautiful game, and the symbols are certainly well created. The symbol showing local architecture is the most valuable in the game, and will please as much with payouts as it does with its pleasant appearance. The second most valuable symbol is the elephant, who may not look especially thrilled about it, but will certainly thrill the player if matched the maximum of 5 times. The low value symbols are the 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace of traditional playing cards.


The Kathmandu slot game is available on smart phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. The game may be downloaded as a stand alone application, or may be played directly via a web browser, such as Google Chrome. A free version of the game is available, but a real money version also exists. Remember to create an account and deposit funds if wanting to play the real money version.


Karate pig

Karate Pig Slot Game

Before even playing the game, most will have figured out that Karate Pig is not your average slot game. Based around a pig that has somehow mastered martial arts, the game boasts impressive graphics an amusing art style, and rather interesting bonus game. But what most are probably thinking right now is; just how does one take a game about a kung-fu pig seriously? The answer is an obvious one; you don’t, you play it as unserious as possible.

From its silly characters to dopey but lovable main character, Karate Pig aims to make the player laugh. But this doesn’t mean the game isn’t well made. The graphics are clearly the work of a talented artist, and user interface smooth and effortless. Plus, the game sure is generous in the payouts department. Let’s have a closer look at what makes Karate Pig tick.

Visual Design

One of the great things about Karate Pig is that there is clearly a deep, well thought out story going on. Just from looking at the various images the player can piece together that dopey Karate Pig is on a mission to be the best kung-fu artist in the land, the land in question being somewhere in the east. You will meet the characters who train the pig, the enemies he must face, and even his “charming” love interest, a lady pig. It is a delightful journey, and certainly one that the player will get emotionally involved in.

A terrifying muscled boar stands as the pig’s strongest foe, and based on how dopey Karate Pig looks, one can’t help but think he has a tough fight ahead of him. Thankfully the pig has a long bearded master to train him, who appears a bit dopey himself. No one doubts, however, that the pig will come out on top and defeat the boar. This seems like that sort of story, after all, where the underdog will ultimately triumph against seemingly impossible odds.

Game Play

The graphics are great, but what about the actual game play? Karate Pig uses a 5 reel, 40 play line system. The play lines may be adjusted up or down at will, which provides an excellent tactical aspect to the proceedings. There is the expected wild symbol, represented by the written word ‘wild,’ as well as a special feature symbol, represented by the pig himself. Upon matching the scatter symbol is where the game gets really interesting.

Upon triggering a bonus the game really comes to life. An animated Karate Pig is shown deciding between two options. One is titled the ‘Pork Chop’ bonus, while the other titled ‘Hammer’ Bonus. The production quality of this bonus game segment can’t be overstated, and one would think the animators could easily make a full length movie. The player decides which choice Karate Pig makes, and plays the game that follows. Both games involve picking options, with cash prizes hidden beneath. In one case it will be lifting tarps, and the other eating delicious looking sushi. Either way, the player will walk out with pockets loaded.

Jungle Wild

Jungle Wild Slot Game

Jungle Wild, by Williams Interactive, has you exploring the deepest, darkest corners of the rainforests. But don’t despair, there is not only a full cast of animals to keep you company, but also a mysterious ancient civilization. Jungle Wild seems to have taken its inspiration from the Indiana Jones movies, and the overall effect is relatively convincing. It is, however, is certainly not the best slot game you can play in terms of visual presentation, and the sound is nothing to write home about, but it is still well worth taking a look at.

The biggest drawback of the game is that it lacks any kind of convincing sound design. When being placed in a forest apparently teeming with wildlife one would hope for an ambient soundtrack that reflects this. Perhaps chirping birds and wind through leaves. What we have instead is a very generic set of sounds that could be used for any game. It’s a bit disappointing, and given that the symbol designs are fairly well done, one can’t help but wish that more had been done to make the game stand apart. But, slot games are not all about sound and emersion, so let’s look at what the game does right.

Game Play Mechanics

Jungle Wild uses a 5 reel, 30 betting line system, which is not unusual. What is unusual is that the game allows the player to freely adjust the betting lines up or down between spins. Many modern slot games have opted instead to have fixed betting lines, which takes a great deal of freedom away from the player. Jungle Wild is happy to let players adjust betting lines as they see fit, which is great for making a strategic play at the game. By lowering betting lines loses can be minimised in dry periods, while putting them back up in anticipation of a big win can make a win even more valuable.

The game is also interesting in its approach to symbol design. Two golden masks, apparently Mayan in origin, are the most valuable symbols in the game. They clearly stand apart from the other symbols, making them easy to identify. Match them the maximum of 5 times and big payouts will put a smile on your face. The standard symbols in the game are all well designed, with monkeys and colourful parrots making the reels feel like a real jungle. There are no fallback playing card symbols here, and the developers can be commended for putting in the effort.

Bonuses And Specials

Jungle Wild has only two bonus feature symbols, including a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The wild symbol is a standard affair and will match with all other symbol to create matching sequences. It will not, however, match with the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol, appearing as a mysterious pyramid, will match with itself to trigger the Jungle Wild feature. During the Jungle Wild feature the player is granted a number of free spins, during which extra wilds are added to the reels.

Jungle Boogie

Jungle Boogie Slot Game

Fancy yourself a jungle explorer? Then Jungle Boogie might be just the game for you. Set in the deepest darkest jungles where all manner of wild beasts stalk the shadows, Jungle Boogie is a true walk on the wild side. It’s also an interesting and truly unique slot game experience, diverting from the expected norms at almost every turn. As far as slot games go, Jungle Boogie is something truly unique in the game play department.

The visual presentation of the game is certainly nothing to write home about, and one could even accuse the game’s graphics of being a bit too minimalist. There are indeed a great number of animals on show, but none are animated, and all lack the sharp detail demonstrated in some other slot games. So what does Jungle Boogie really have to offer? For one thing, it is in a class of rare slot game that uses only 3 reels, and 1 betting line. And this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as interesting game play choices go.

Unique Play System

Jungle Boogie, as has just been said, has only 3 reels and 1 betting line. But isn’t this a step back as far as slot games go? Not at all. Jungle Boogie embraces simplicity to the point of extremity, and what this achieves is one of the most fast-paced, easy to understand slot games you’re likely to play. There is no question as to when a win has been achieved, and no doubt as to how much this will pay out. Modern slot games tend to be confusing in many cases, since they are cluttered with multiple play symbols, amazing yet distracting special effects, and bizarre play line configurations. Jungle Boogie suffers from none of these issues.

In Jungle Boogie you need only worry about one line, and only ever one line. If the animal symbols match, you win, if they don’t, you lose. Ultimately, the game can be said to be rather stingy as far as payouts are concerned, but almost every payout achieved is guaranteed to be a generous one. In fact, even getting a single medium payout can easily put the player into the big profit zone. It’s not a conventional approach to slot games, but certainly a unique one. It might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny Jungle Boogie is truly unique slot game.

Payouts And Specials

The tiger is where you’ll want to be putting most of your attention. The big feline is by far the most valuable symbol in the game, and matching him while having bets at maximum is a huge jackpot win. Of course, he isn’t very commonly seen on the reels, but when you do see him your heart will skip a beat. Some of the other animals are the baboon, parrot, fish, monkey and leopard. The fish is the only symbol that will payout if appearing on the winning line less than 3 times.

As far as specials go, Jungle Boogie has none to speak of. You need only know that the more you bet, the more you win. Nothing more need be said.

Microgaming heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech

Microgaming heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech

Microgaming’s Prima Networks Limited has come to an agreement with Cogetech that will allow the company to greatly expand into the Italian online casino market. Microgaming heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech may not come as a surprise to people who follow the industry as Italy is a key market.

Under this agreement, Microgaming’s Prima Network is going to be giving Cogetech their very best and undeniably market leading software for online casinos. This software will span both the downloadable platforms as well as the flash platforms. The flash platform will allow players to enjoy these online casino games right from their browsers while the download platform will require players to download the game to their device. Both of these platforms have their advantages and disadvantages and it’s a benefit to have two options available.

More than thirty of Microgaming’s award winning online casino slot games are being utilised by Cogtech’s platform. This online gaming platform that is utilising Microgaming’s slot titles is known as iZiplay. Players might recognise such titles as Tomb Raider and the ever popular Thunderstruck 2 on the line-up of games available.

Italian Market

It may come as no surprise that multiple companies have found it quite difficult to get into the Italian market. There are quite a few operators that already have significant market share and coming in and trying to compete with those well-established operators is not always the best way to go about things.

In order to combat this, new players in the market have taken up the policy of linking up with the operators that are already well established. This is the case with Microgaming heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech.

Prima and Cogetech Chime In

The director at Prima Networks, Loaraine Schoevers, is thrilled that Microgaming is heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech and said that they were delighted that Cogetech chose Prima Networks Limited, powered by Microgaming, to augment their online games offering. She said that their slots are favourites among online players and will form the perfect addition to iZiplay.”

The CEO at Cogetech, Fabio Schiavolin said that this agreement with Prima Networks Limited, they were now able to add Microgaming’s internationally recognised slots to their online casin and that they are incredibly excited to launch Casino Pacific as they we believe it will be hugely popular, not only to our existing player base but to new prospects also.

Through these comments alone, it is quite easy to see how both companies are quite excited about the merger and the possibilities that Microgaming heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech will bring. With Microgaming’s long and award winning list of slot games available to be released, it is almost certain that the initial list of thirty games will grow to far beyond that number. It could even be that eventually all of Microgaming’s online slot games will be available there.

Players in Italy should be looking forward to what is in store for them with Microgaming heading to Italy through Prima Networks and Cogetech.

Microgaming Casino Games with Great Bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino

Microgaming Casino Games with Great Bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino

Before diving into Microgaming casino games with great bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino, it is first good to know a little bit about Roxy Palace Casino. First, it is important to note that Roxy Palace is a safe and secure place to play casino games. It is licensed by the Great Britain Gambling Commission. This should go a long way to reassuring players that the experience they have at Roxy Palace will be a good one.

In addition to the Great Britain Gambling Commission’s seal of approval, Roxy Palace also has approval from eCogra. This independent verification is one of the most trusted companies in the world to perform these types of safety and security audits. This is very important for players considering Microgaming casino games with great bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino. Roxy Casino has a ninety six percent payout rate when one looks at all the games available as one unit. If a player is interested, they can also see the reports released by eCogra on a monthly basis as they are released.

It is also important to know when considering Microgaming casino games with great bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino that deposits and withdrawals for these games will be done over an encrypted connection. This ensures that the player’s personal information is kept completely safe. There are several banking options including Visa, Neteller, ecoPayz, bankwire, MasterCard, Maestro and several more. The player can pick whichever is most convenient for them when playing Microgaming casino games with great bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino.

Casino Games

Microgaming casino games with great bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino include a great deal of slots. With more than four hundred to choose from, the player is really spoiled for choice at this casino. They have the most popular slots and players can choose between three and five reel slots as well as slots with progressive jackpots, bonus features and more.

If a player is more interested in table games than slots, Roxy Palace also has these games available. There are several version of blackjack to enjoy along with baccarat, roulette as well as video poker. If a player is ready for an extra exciting playing experience, they can opt in for the live casino option. This allows players to play against live dealers and see the action unfold in real time with other players. If one is interested in participating in the live casino, they have the option to play baccarat, roulette or blackjack.

Another perk when players are looking for Microgaming casino games with great bonuses at Roxy Palace Casino is that this casino lets players enjoy games directly in their browser. This also means that players can play on their mobile devices.


Players can expect welcome bonuses as well as weekly promotions at Roxy Casino. It’s worth noting that these bonuses can change from week to week so it is worth checking back frequently to see what is on offer.

There is also a Players Club that players can participate in if they so wish and Player Club Points can be earned by making wagers in the casino.

Microgaming Announces Unique Football Star Promotion

Microgaming Announces Unique Football Star Promotion

Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion has excited fans of both the game and of the sport all over the world. The software manufacturing company, who has been operating since nineteen ninety four and has hundreds of games already released, is doing something very unique and different than most of the slot promotions that players are used to.

Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion should be quite exciting to players who enjoy football because this promotion involves their favourite sport as well as playing a slot game that revolves around their favourite sport. The slot being referred to is of course Football Star.

Football Star

Before we get to the promotion announcement for Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion, it is important for players to first understand what the slot Football Star is all about.

As one might have guessed from the name, the Microgaming slot Football Star centres on one of the most popular sports in the world – the game of football. Football is also known as soccer in some places, but its most popular name is football.

This slot features a large stadium full of screaming fans and a football pitch as the background. This will definitely help transport players to their favourite match and also it alludes to Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion, but we will come back to that later. The symbols used in this game are different elements of the game of football and include a referee, a football pitch, a goalie making a save, a player making a slide tackle, a player kicking the ball in the air and a player hitting the ball with his knees. There is also a pair of red and orange cleats with a white strip and a black a white striped football that serves as the scatter symbol for this game.

To the left and the right of the slot, the player can see that there is a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win. At the bottom of the slot, the player is given some additional information about their winnings as well as how many credits they have remaining and some betting options.

Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion is even more exciting in that the game it is promoting has bonus features. Bonus features for Football Star include Striking Wild, Rolling Reels and free spins.

Striking wild is a random bonus while rolling reels involves winning symbols disappearing and being replaced with additional symbols. This gives the player another chance to win.

Unique Promotion

Microgaming announces unique Football Star promotion that will take players to the football world cup. In order to enter, the player must spend at least £20 in stakes during play. For every £20 staked, the player gets one entry into the competition.

The lucky winner will be drawn from the pool of entrants and receive flights from London to Rio to watch the big match unfold. They will also win a room at the Copacabana Hotel for their trip. Finally, they will be given two tickets to the World Cup final.

Microgaming Announces Two New Slots for October

New Slots from Microgaming

Microgaming announces two new slots for October with the reworking of an existing slot as well as a new slot release.

Since their inception in nineteen ninety four, Microgaming has been a leader in the online casino software development industry. With literally hundreds to games under their belt, Microgaming continues to release additional games at regular intervals to the industry. The types of games that Microgaming releases vary and can include slots from many different themes and layouts. They also release slots that have different amounts of reels, paylines and bonus features.

Red Hot Devil Slot

Microgaming announces two new slots for October and the first of these games is called Red Hot Devil. Red Hot Devil has an underworld theme and a comic book art style. The colours used in this slot are mostly dark colours and this reinforces the theme quite nicely. There are lots of reds, oranges, blacks and deep purples that the player can see are being used throughout the slot.

The background of the slot is a mix of flame like shapes that are bathed in a mix of blacks, purples and reds. It adds to the spooky yet fun ambiance of this title and makes a good backdrop for the bright and vibrant colours used on the reels.

To the left and right of the reels, the player can see that there are twenty five paylines on this five reel slot. On the far right of the slot stands the main character. We assume this is the red hot devil for which the slot is named. She is a tall brunette woman with a red suit on and red boots. As the slot spins, she snaps her fingers and various animations are triggered on the reels.

The symbols used in the Red Hot Devil slot, the first slot in Microgaming announces two new slots for October, are a mixed bag that all seem to have one thing in common. That one thing is fire. There is a red snake surrounded by fire, red lips that are on fire, a seven and a full hand of cards that are also on fire, roses that are on fire, a cherry that is on fire, a pitchfork that is on fire, and a scorpion with a fiery tail.

This game also has bonus features. The bonus features include free spins with multipliers, a bonus game called the Wheel of Fire, and also Red Hot Wild Reels.

Playboy Slot

Playboy slot, the second slot in Microgaming announces two new slots for October, is not a new slot but actually a reworking of a previously released slot.

Microgaming has now added a multiplayer element to their Playboy slot. In this new version of the game, players are able to follow other sets of reels as they play as well as chat with the people controlling those slots.

Together, they work as a team towards the VIP access to a free spins feature that is exclusive to the multiplayer version of the game. This is exciting news for players interested in Microgaming announces two new slots for October.

Microgaming Announces Terminator 2 Licenced Slot

Microgaming Announces Terminator 2 Licenced Slot

Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot for release should have fans of the popular nineteen eighties sci fi movie franchise quite excited.

The company, who has been creating gambling software since the mid nineteen nineties and has literally hundreds of titles under their belt, has now taken it upon themselves to create a fully licensed slot based around the Terminator 2 movie.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day follows up on the original Terminator movie. In this film, instead of like the first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, a robot from the future, is trying to save the human race instead of destroy it. Sarah Connor and her young son John Connor are being hunted down by a newer and more deadly robot from the future called T-1000. This shape shifting robot is nearly indestructible, and has been sent back in time in order to kill John. The reason for this is because John eventually becomes the leader of the human rebellion against the robot controlled SkyNet.

What was particularly special about this movie was their use of visual effects. This is one of the first instances of the large-scale use of CGI, or computer generated imagery. With the massive success of the movie and the current references to it in pop culture, a player could see why they created this new slot and why Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot.

Terminator 2 Slot

Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot will be exciting for fans of the franchise. This slot, which features five reels and a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win, utilises a photorealistic style of art and includes actual stills from the movie itself.

The background of the slow is a mix of dark blue metallic computer and robot parts that will take the player to a time where robots rule over mankind. To the left and the right of the reel, the player can see that there are a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win.

Below the reels, the player is presented with some information about the slot as well as various options they have to customise their experience. Information includes total player credits as well as the player’s win total. The player can also adjust their coin size, number of coins and their bet. There is also a spin and autospin button for the player to use.

Bonus Features

Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot is also exciting news for those who enjoy bonus features in a slot. This slot has a free spin bonus feature. In order to activate the free spins bonus feature in Terminator 2, the player must land between three and five of the blue scatter symbols. These symbols can land on any of the reels. If the player manages to land them, they will be awarded with a total of ten free spins.

There is also a T-800 vision bonus feature. A player excited about Microgaming announces Terminator 2 licenced slot will appreciate this features because the screen turns red and the player gets to see the screen like a robot in the movie would. A prize is then randomly given to the player.