DIGITAL BUZZY sports How Betting in Australia has Grown

How Betting in Australia has Grown


Australia’s great love affair with sports betting and gambling in general shows no signs of levelling off, or even slowing down. The stunning statistic that puts Australian punters at a bet-record of AU$6.5 billion in the September quarter equates to each Australian spending around AU$1 000 per year on some kind of real money wagering.

Len Ainsworth has stated that he believes that Australians will always strive to maintain a fixed portion of disposable income available for betting and gambling. But finding out exactly why this pastime is such a popular one Down Under has many people scratching their heads.

Less Gamblers Overall, But These Bet More

The best payout business that Len Ainsworth owns has experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years, but the price for its shares undervalues its prospects for the future, according to Motley Fool.

Although the participation rates for Australian adults may have fallen steeply over the past 15 years, almost all of the Australian states show rates that are higher than 80% at the turn of the century. This means that 4 out of every 5 Australians has taken part in some kind of betting or gambling activity at least once each year since 2000.

Anna Thomas, manager at the Australian Gambling Research Centre, has stated that although a drop in participation has been seen on per-capita bases, the smaller amount of people still taking part are wagering much more money.

Online Betting and Gambling Rising Every Month

By far the largest amounts of money being spent come from bets placed on the 200 000 poker machines Australia has to offer punters, and sports betting also experiencing incredible rates of growth.

Mr Ainsworth spoke with Fairfax Media and stated that, over his more than 60-years in the business, he has found that the total amount of money being spent on betting and gambling can be related directly back to the state of the economy. If the economy goes up by 5%, he said, it can be expected that that same amount will be reflected in the amount of money being spent on wagers.

The Increase in Access Thanks to the Internet

The massive rise in internet-access thanks to the developments in modern mobile technology can also explain the wide enjoyment of online sports betting. Australians have always been very fond of punting, and of sports betting in particular, and the fact that a wide array of smartphones and tablets are able to give them instant access has to be seen as part of the explanation of the surge of money being spent.

Online bookmakers provide Australian punters with a host of excellent promotions and deals in order to boost bankrolls and increase the likelihood of a win, and the first-class safety and security these applications and sites offer mean that taking part in the Melbourne Cup betting action, for example, is as safe as ordering an item from Amazon is.

Punters have never had it so good, and the incredible amount of money changing hands every day thanks to the excellent array of markets and bet types is proof that Australians are taking advantage of all they can as far as sports betting online is concerned.