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Various Kinds of Betting Odds Presented By Online Bookies

In a betting game, it is essential for a player to have knowledge about betting odds and their evaluation procedure. For those who don’t know what betting odds are, they represent the probability of a particular result taking place in a specific game. In every betting event, there are certain outcomes all of which have […]

Your Best Online Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting is popular all over the world, and with good reason. Watching professional athletes do what they do best is even more exciting when you have money riding on the outcome, and when they win the victory tastes so much sweeter if you get something out of it as well. The online and mobile […]

The Annual Durban July Horse Racing Extravaganza

The Durban July which takes place once a year will be happening at Greyville Racecourse again in 2017, and it is still celebrated as one of the very few high-status horse racing events held anywhere in South Africa. Every year party-goers and punters alike flock to this posh event in order to have fun and […]

Thrilling F1 Betting Markets

There are a fantastic range of markets to bet on in Formula 1 racing, the highest class in single-seat auto racing, as sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Autombile, or the FIA. Every second watching the Formula One cars, the fastest road course racing cars worldwide, is a thrill. Reaching speeds up to 380 km/h […]

How Betting in Australia has Grown

Australia’s great love affair with sports betting and gambling in general shows no signs of levelling off, or even slowing down. The stunning statistic that puts Australian punters at a bet-record of AU$6.5 billion in the September quarter equates to each Australian spending around AU$1 000 per year on some kind of real money wagering. […]

The History Of Net Entertainment Games Coming to Betfair

Betfair is an online bet exchange that was conceptualised in 1999 and launched online in June of 2000 by expert gambler Andrew ‘Bert’ Black and associate Edward Wray. The company first specialised in online sports betting, focussing on horse and greyhound racing and sports tournament bets, but later diversified to offer a selection of online […]

Bathurst Cup Constitutes Major Race Day

The Bathurst Cup is run annually in Bathurst, in mid-February, and usually on a Sunday. In 2016 this well- recognised horse racing event will fall on Sunday 14 February. Champion trainers throw their weight behind the Bathurst Cup ‘Legends of Racing’ celebrations at Bathurst. The Bathurst Thoroughbred Racing Club feels that all of the day’s […]

The Superlenny Betting Website

Superlenny Casino is a well-planned modern online casino that is owned and managed by Berit Operations Ltd. This organisation also owns the even better known Thrills Casino. Superlenny is easy to remember, the talking mascot of a half man, half deer is rather notable. Superlenny is itself rather notable, especially with nigh on five hundred […]

Betting on the Asian Beach Games

The Asian Beach Games is a relatively new sporting event, but is becoming a rapidly popular occasion in both the east, and the rest of the world. The grand event involves eastern countries competing in a series of traditionally beach orientated games, such as volley ball, beach soccer, and windsurfing, but includes other events, such […]

Many Eminent Horse Races in Australia

Horse racing is one of Australia’s favourite and celebrated sports. All over Australia there are the famous horse races taking part every week, and also the smaller, although no less exciting, races are held just as frequently. Many of the smaller towns are affiliated to the larger Racing Clubs of the different states, and hold […]