The Bet

About The Bet The Bet is a North American short film, released in 1992. The film is set in New York, and centres around two brothers who inherit a deli from their father. The younger brother Harry develops a gambling problem soon after. The Bet is a drama, focused on the negative affects a online […]

Sports Betting Options

The Different Sports Betting Options for Online Punters There is a vast array of different wagers for sports betting punters to take advantage of online, and one of particular renown is the totals bet, also referred as over/under wagers. This is one of the easiest bets to understand, suiting it to newcomers and those still […]

Sports Betting Guide

The Services a Sports Betting Guide Offers Online Punters Betting real money on the array of wonderful sports we have available to us is one of the world’s most loved pastimes, and some estimates have people wagering in excess of US$250 billion a year, with US$100 million of this centred on the Super Bowl alone. […]

Greyhound Racing NZ

Greyhound Racing In New Zealand Greyhound racing in New Zealand is a popular sport with the so called working man. Wagers can be placed via online sites, or bookies at the actual tracks or stadiums. Greyhound racing is known to be more accessible to punters than thoroughbred racing, as the sport does not have as […]

Online Harness Racing Betting In New Zealand

What Is Harness Racing? Harness Racing is an equine sport, which is a sport involving horses. In harness racing horses are attached to a sulky, or a small carriage, and race around a track. The horses themselves perform a very specific gate which has to be taught to them, they do not gallop as race […]

Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting In New Zealand Betting on boxing is a hugely popular sport for New Zealand punters, with options to place wagers on local bouts as well as a massive range of international matches.  There are so many options as boxing matches happen throughout the world all year round, giving punters in New Zealand a […]

Fractional, decimal and American betting odds explained

Betting Odds Variations Explained Online sport betting does not use a single fixed system to display the odds for wagers. There are three main representation systems used online and which system is used will depend on what audience the sports betting site caters to. 

Looking at NFL Online Wagering Options For Bettors

Online NFL Betting Options Even with the best NFL betting tips, Australian bettors won’t get far if they don’t understand the range of NFL betting options out there. To make good NFL bets, you need to know your betting options like the back of your hand. 

NBA Betting Tips For Beginners

NBA Betting Tips For Beginners The NBA is a wildly popular league for punters to bet on both the USA as well as New Zealand . The league plays games every night, which means that the action is ongoing all year round. Placing a bet on the NBA should be done with a bit of […]

Boxing Betting in New Zealand

A Guide to Boxing Betting One of the most popular sports, boxing generates a large amount of interest in New Zealand with some of the most impressive fighters coming from both New Zealand and the United States.